At just fifteen years old, singer-songwriter Edie Yvonne is accomplishing incredible things with her music. While many artists don't find their voice until much later, Edie has clearly known what she wants to express since she first started recording. Her sophisticated and relatable songs make you forget she's just started high school.

Edie's latest song "Girl Code" has really taken off and does a great job of capturing what the first year of high school is really like. The song slowly builds from a quiet, gentle beginning all the way up to these huge, impressive choruses that really pull you in and help you feel what that transition must have been like.

At first listen, the lyrics seem simple, but if you pay close attention, there's actually a lot of thought and insight in there. It's pretty cool how much she seems to understand about life at that age, even though she's still very young herself. There's real depth to the song if you take the time to absorb it.

The production perfectly complements her vocals, building layer upon layer like the drama and stress of starting high school. You can practically see the change in her character's eyes as she explores friendship and independence through song.

Vocally, Edie already has the power and control of singers double her age. She glides between whispery introspection and belted revelations with stunning fluidity. Every note drips with the authentic feeling that draws you in. Whether singing of hopes, fears, or dramas, Edie inhabits each memory with impressive nuance.

Though she pours her heart into her music, Edie remains focused on school and friends. Her down-to-earth attitude is part of what makes her so inspiring - none of the drama or ego you'd expect from pop stars twice her age. "Girl Code" proved she has a bright future ahead, and she's content empowering others with her songs and living as normal a life as possible. With talent and a work ethic like hers, Edie Yvonne is a star in the making. But most importantly, she's still just a phenomenal fifteen-year-old, enjoying every moment.

I can't recommend "Girl Code" enough. Edie isn't afraid to get personal on these songs, and as a big fan, it's amazing to watch her continually push herself artistically. Make sure to add "Girl Code" to your regular rotation on Spotify. And do yourself a favor by following Edie Yvonne on social media too.

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