Transcending Into the Unknown's sophomore single "Giants" shows the Norwegian band stretching their musical wings into bold new territories. Led by guitarist/composer Filip Dahl and featuring brothers Filip and Robert Dahl alongside Filip's son Stian on guitar, "Giants" lets us hear Transcending Into the Unknown's dynamic blend of classic rock influences and contemporary progressive spirit.

As the intro builds in complexity via interwoven melodious lines and flourishes of counterpoint, one senses the band bringing diverse styles into rich dialogue. When the full band enters, the nimble vocals soar above the virtuosic guitars, their interplay navigating the intricate terrain.

More string textures provide the harmonic foundation for the band to explore new sonic skies. The classically influenced chord progressions and ariose ways bear the traces of art rock luminaries like Marillion and Dream Theater.

As the arrangement unfolds, transient motifs recur and transform, twisting mazy threads into a cohesive emotional tapestry. The energizing pulse sustains momentum through shifts between meditative and explosive passages. Searing leads interlace with yearning, creating a holistic trip.

In the song's layered complexities, one hears Filip's roots in classic prog-rock blossom anew. Robert and Stian's playing complements these roots, their diverse pedigrees forming into an organic unity. While paying homage to influences from Pink Floyd to Dream Theater, "Giants" shows Transcending Into the Unknown pushing creative boundaries with an original vision.

"Giants" invites both casual fans and diehard prog fans along its evolutionary trip. Fans of intelligent, emotive rock will find much to appreciate in this promising new act, who honor tradition by boldly exploring new territories of sound. Their "Giants" single takes flight on waves of whole, soulful prowess that rewards multiple attentive listens.

This single presents Transcending Into the Unknown as a band fully inhabiting their name, transcending influences into one-of-a-kind creative explorations. Fans awaiting their full-length album will find this single an exciting taste of the great wonders yet to come. You can find "Giants" by searching for the band name or clicking the link in my blog post. Cue it up, put on your best headphones, and settle in for an epic sonic voyage that will keep you guessing right up until the blissful final notes.

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