Carson Ferris is an innately gifted pop artist and songwriter from Provo, Utah. With his polished and original musical style, which can be described as a cross between a young Michael Jackson and OneRepublic, Ferris has found great success in his thriving career, having over 6,9k monthly listeners on Spotify.

An attentive and veteran musician, Ferris released his first collaboration, the 2021 hit "Can't Be Without You" performed with Trinidad Cardona. Added to his accomplishments, the artistic and seasoned singer won a social media contest that same year to be featured in Donny Osmond's Las Vegas show at Harrah’s performing the song "One Bad Apple."

In 2022, the inventive Ferris kept on engaging in such activities as taking part in concerts that promote his music as well as the development of new, advanced recordings. The well-trained, talented man has given a successful show at Fork Fest and Buzzards and Bees.

Carson Ferris is back with a new pop anthem, "Ghosts," and it's pure sonic gold. The tune, a blend of tunefulness and thoughtfulness that Carson Ferris is famous for telling through his words, is carried affectingly across the vibrant synth-beat landscape co-created by Matthew Parker. The end product is a four-minute masterpiece that will be present in your memory bank like you listened to it instantly.

"Ghosts" delves into the universal struggle of shedding toxic relationships and situations that block our path to inner peace. It's a relatable theme woven through Carson Ferris' catalog, and this time, it's set against a backdrop of pulsating beats and lush pop melodies. The production is the supreme directing strength. "Ghosts" marks a departure for Carson Ferris, embracing electronic elements more than ever before. Even though the tech pop tune is very much present in the song, so are Ferris' stunningly beautiful and charismatic singing skills. Parker propels the song, his beats' driving force being unquestionable throughout, while the tension of the lyrics persists, ensuring the bass is the only one that pulses. The song's ambiance gets more nuanced by subtle melody motions and airy techno. A dense bridge characterized by a multitude of reverbs backs the notion of forgiveness. The entire track carries the listener through the same mood while playing with textures that make it a new experience.

It's noteworthy that the success of "Ghosts" also represents the alliance of Ferris and producer Parker who worked together to mesmerize the audience. They joined hands and created a track that had an appropriate mix of pop and electronic music and a clear sense of purpose.

I had been waiting eagerly for the announcement of a new sound direction from Carson for a long time. It became clear from my first hearing of "Ghosts" that Carson was evolving and stepping up from his previous sound. This single is proof that the singer-songwriter has chosen a new sound and style for him, which I love as an old fan. With his magnetic presence and impressive vocals, he can easily be likened to young Justin Bieber, who was adored by all. With a new song called "Ghosts", Carson is certainly on the right road to mainstream recognition.

"Ghosts" is worth giving a chance, so if you want to move towards the evolution of Carson Ferris, then just stream "Ghosts" online now.

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