Get You Off My Mind (Original Single) by Atomic Bronco

Atomic Bronco has released a new upbeat chill and groovy single that will have you high with its funky vibe, “Get You Off My Mind” is a nostalgic alternative rock single that you will not be able to get off your mind 😉

Talented and impressive one man band Atomic Bronco wrote this relatable and magnetic track about the feeling when you know something is bad for you but cant resist it anyway. Atomic Bronco’s low pitch and husky vocals add to the vibe this single tries to convey.

Get You Off My Mind (Original Single) by Atomic Bronco is a single you will most definitely enjoy if you are a alternative and indie rock fan, Get You Off My Mind is a thoughtfully crafted and magnificent single that draws you in and doesn’t let you go. You must give it a listen.

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