Get The Led Out! By DAVID MOORE


David Moore is a Texas-based singer-songwriter who has established himself with his thoughtful folk-rock compositions and versatile musicianship over several releases in the past decade. Starting his career playing the club circuit, David has refined his sound while maintaining his roots-oriented songwriting foundation.

After taking a 20-year break from music to raise his family, Moore released his first solo album in late 2022. His follow-up album "Get The Led Out!" shows his rock roots are coming through. The album features seasoned musicians Moore had the honor of working with, including bassist Brian Patterson who has toured nationally and played with Chuck Berry. Drummer Chris McConville has toured Europe with The Bishops among other bands. It was produced by Moore at the Ground Zero Studio in Texas.

Across 10 tracks, he channels the genre-defining sounds of Led Zeppelin and 60s classic rock. We start with "Paid My Dues," the 70s-inspired guitar licks, and jump in pace to keep the energy simmering. The raspy vocals evoke the grit and soul of rock heroes past. Layered instrumentation like jazz-infused keys and buzzing basslines push the song to new heights. "Mama Dance" kicks into high gear, anchored by chunky power chords and a punchy backbeat. He sings with enthusiasm to get listeners out of their seats. The title track "Get The Led Out!" brings a summery vibe with shimmering piano flourishes and a swaying rhythm. David’s co-writer Chris McConville adds tasteful fills on drums to accentuate the breezy, booming sound.

"Hully Gully" showcases David’s dexterity across acoustic and electric styles. It bounces with quirky charm thanks to its plucky acoustic progression and funky bassline rumbling underneath. The album shifts gears once more on "Magic Woman". A rhythmic acoustic guitar introduces the playful song. The heart-on-sleeve folk of "Empty Man", is pure feel-good vintage rock.

"Dance of the Fireflies" provides a beautiful instrumental interlude. Gentle piano, ambient guitar textures, and subtle studio enhancements take the listener to a pastoral field on a summer night. Its cinematic qualities paint a world of sounds without words. The album comes full circle on the rousing closer "Open Your Heart". Rock solid drums and a signature guitar riff drive the anthemic jam.

Throughout the record, David holds nothing back from barring his rock roots. Yet what makes "Get The Led Out!" truly impeccable is how he subtly sprinkles in jazzy flourishes, funk influences, and psychedelic textures to keep the songs interesting. The musicianship is crisp as is the production, David tracked, mixed, and mastered it all himself at Ground Zero studio.

Honestly, "Get The Led Out!" opened a whole new world of music for me. I may not have been a fan before this album, but now I’m so happy I discovered this incredible artist.

Having A-list players like Brian Patterson, Jim Patterson, Chris McConville, and more involved took the songs to a new level. With "Get The Led Out!," David Moore has truly delivered a rock revival to get lost in from front to back. It's a stellar album, proving that pure, passion-driven songwriting will never go out of style. I look forward to more from this Texas rock veteran down the road. Stream the album in full today on Spotify.

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