Garden Tourist (Original EP) by Craigology

HYPE Garden Tourist (Original EP) by Craigology

This is one remarkable Ep that will most certainly grab your heart and soul with its soothing nature. And this EP is the magnetic "Garden Tourist" (Original EP) by the one and only Craigology released on September the 23rd of 2022.

When it comes to this Ep each and every single will grab your attention with its unique and different composition where Craigology just puts his all and makes us a wonderous gift that your mind will thank you for listening to.

The Florida-based musician and producer Craigology has combined several genres to compose "Garden Tourist" (Original EP) merging and blending Electronica, Smooth Jazz and Tropical vibes to make this one of a kind EP.

The EP is composed of 6 original full length tracks that need to be listened to and admired closely to understand the pure genius in which they are made, from the beautiful choice of instruments, tone, and melody, everything goes together perfectly in a harmonious symphony that will have you wanting for more.

"Garden Tourist" (Original EP) by Craigology is one Ep that plays well in any situation, whether a long car ride, a chill day with friends, a solo listen, or even some dancing, this is one EP that deserves the attention and recognition as it certainly is to die for.

So give "Garden Tourist" (Original EP) by Craigology a listen, you surely won't regret it, support his music and share it for the world to hear !!

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