Fume (Original Single) By FLEANGER

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Maturing into an adult frequently poses difficulties for most, featuring striving to discover your true self and establish meaningful relationships with others. For Fleanger, turning to art at a young age helped him cope with the challenges of his youth and eventually led him on a path toward a career in music.

Fleanger had always dealt with a disconnect from his peers as a child. While other kids his age were forming friendships, he struggled to relate and interact in the same way. As a portal, he started expressing himself creatively through drawing, painting, and eventually graffiti art. This opened up an imaginative world where he could escape his troubles and find reassurance through self-discovery

As Fleanger grew older, his creative interests evolved into musical ones. The melodies and harmonies he crafted permitted the emotions within him to flow freely in a stunning way. Music became more than just a hobby - it revealed a route forward. He learned how to produce music digitally, experimenting with electronic beats, effects, and samples. Making music became an all-consuming passion that he decided to pursue as a career.

Fleanger began honing his skills as a producer and musician. After much dedication and hard work and many releases, he is now here with his latest single "Fume."


The intoxicating sound of "Fume" showcases Fleanger's breathtaking musical evolution. The grandiose yet melodic production transports the listener to a place of comfort and escape, just as music once allowed Fleanger to forget his struggles as a youth. The ethereal electronic beats glimmer with beauty, wrapped in a colorful atmosphere that oozes creativity.

Fleanger's journey from a child to an artist baring his soul through sound has been a long one - but "Fume" proves he has truly found his voice. Through perseverance and self-expression through music, Fleanger is here to share his magical worlds with the world.

I wholeheartedly recommend giving "Fume" by Fleanger a listen on Spotify. Make sure you stream it more than once, and follow Fleanger on all of his social media pages to always stay updated. He provides a moving illustration of how using one's voice and imagination can serve as an outlet for great strength.

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