From The Start (Original Single) by MaeLeigh

Discover POP From The Start (Original Single) by MaeLeigh

One of the best breakup songs I've heard in ages, MaeLeigh blesses us again with releasing his latest revolutionary track "From The Start" (Original Single) an electronic and synth pop single with an EDM charged chorus. MaeLeigh has just out done himself with this spectacular single, his 3rd release with original vocals and lyrics.

When it comes to MaeLeigh, he is just one talent not to be messed with, he has come to create "From The Start" through experimenting with a bouncy synth that he fell in love with, and from that 3 second sound, he wrote an entire song, something that truly takes talent and dedication. The lyrics of "From The Start" are extremely relatable as it's about a relationship that has been fake from the start where your partner didn't really care, and I can guarantee everyone has been in such a relationship at least once in their life.

MaeLeigh has told us that he came to the idea of the lyrics while he was scrolling through Facebook one night and he saw that someone he was close with in the past venting about their recent relationship ending. They were upset about how it was all a lie and that ultimately, the person didn't care about them from the start. MaeLeigh could relate to the pain they were going through from some of his prior relationships and how mad and betrayed he felt now that it was over. MaeLeigh also added that his favorite part of the lyrics was about leaving the picture on the wall. It made him think of how we torture ourselves sometimes with hope and nostalgia, and I couldn't agree more with him.


When it comes to Maeleigh his music is truly one of a kind, original, creative and mesmerizing. He started composing LO-FI and synth instrumental music in 2020, and he recently branched off into a few other genres such as indie pop, indie electronic, and electro-pop. You must give this artist's incredible work a listen, and don't forget to follow and like all his social media platforms to always be up to date on all his latest news and releases.

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