Friends in Towns (Original Single) By Greg Bounce

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Greg Bounce’s wistful ballad "Friends in Towns" is a vulnerable glimpse into loss and longing, yet it finds beauty even in sorrow. Birthing from melancholia, this tender elegy crafts a haunting atmosphere fueled with nostalgia, delight, and bittersweet grace.

A hauntingly intimate indie ballad about losing cherished friendship bonds, is a song that anyone who has experienced deep relationships will find themselves yearning to immerse within. The composition features a vocalist whose resonant tone is buoyed by notes of warmth, tenderness, and captivation, delivering each poetic lyric with the utmost care, emotion, and skill. Though tinged with melancholy, the track emanates radiant joy and moxie. The instrumentation twinkles with bright melodies, synth accents, and an ever-evolving yet cohesive soundscape, keeping the listener intrigued yet cocooned in comfort. For the first half, the vocals and piano keys unite in a passionate duet, traversing heartstrings and tugging at the soul. As the song progresses into new territory, it feels as if one has trespassed into a verdant fairytale, becoming the star in a storybook fantasy.


The production is drenched in feeling and imbued with drama, evolving into something grand yet bared, uplifting yet poignant. There are moments of such brilliance and intensity that one feels swept away as if floating on a dreamy cloud. Each swell, subtle shift, and crescendo leads the listener into a vivid yet fleeting reverie. By the time the final emotive notes fade, one feels as if they have vicariously experienced life, loss, and the bittersweet recollection of joy. This haunting ballad is sure to resonate with anyone who has known and lost the deep intimacy of dear friendships. A song this striking, and vibrantly alive stays with the listener long after the final refrain.

Even as lives lead elsewhere, "Friends in Towns" resurrects them. Its beauty lives on, as Bounce's care and craftsmanship make the magic of dismay. Through musical mastery and raw emotional insight, Bounce invites the listener deeper.

Finding solace in Lisbon during 2020’s lockdown, Greg Bounce fell so deeply in love with the city that he now calls it home. Bounce’s discography is a treasure trove of Lisbon’s spirit, from songs like "Friends In Town" to forthcoming summer releases. Follow Greg as he continues crafting music infused with the city’s melancholic charm and vibrancy. And make sure to dive into his discography, by streaming "Friends In Town" on Spotify.


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