Friday Night Original single by SNAKEDOCTORS

JUST ROCK Friday Night Original single by SNAKEDOCTORS
Friday Night has been released by Snakedoctors. It is an energetic, fun electronic track. The song has punchy synths and percussion, with a catchy hook. The music is perfect for commercials or advertisements in need of a catchy soundtrack! You can't go wrong with this groovy original, so put on some headphones and pump up the volume. The production is excellent, and the song is catchy, as well as being original
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  • “Friday Night” is the next one after „Crime Story” single promoting Snakedoctors new, upcoming double album “Four and a Half” due to be out on May the 27th. We are very lucky with the producers involved in production - this song was mixed by Joe Gibb, well known for working with such bands like Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Kinks, Jane’s Addiction, Stone Roses and The Mission and mastered by Kevin Paul, who also worked with Depeche Mode, the Kinks, Yazoo, Erasure and David Bowie. We've used much of electronic sounds recently which you can tell right away listening to „Friday Night” track. There’s much influence from new wave in it and the song itself tells the story - about what we could do after hard work week on the weekend. The 4th double album will be more diverse with anything from songs like „Friday Night”, dark wave, shoegaze and finally some grunge. The video promoting the single features Kathy Peters and was made in Germany. We are four friends from Poland who started the band in 2020. We play music for fun:)

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