When darkness seems to close in all around and worries weigh heavy on the mind, it can be hard to remember life's beauty. In his cozy new single "Free At Last," singer-songwriter Matt DeAngelis reminds us that even in our deepest struggles, peace, and joy are attainable. Through his heartfelt lyrics and warm acoustic playing, Matt DeAngelis shares a message of hope, that by releasing our fears to a higher power and embracing each moment, freedom is ours to find.

Matt’s raw vocal delivery gives the impression he’s sharing his story straight from his journal rather than in a polished recording booth. His voice conveys emotion without melodrama in a way that sounds very original. Backing him is minimal instrumentation, just acoustic guitar, and subtle percussion, keeping the focus on Matt’s message of coping and overcoming.

Through his songs, Matt shares his soul intending to inspire others to never give up. His lyrics advise accepting life's uncontrolled events with grace or turning to one's religion or loved ones for peace. Matt cites his faith as a primary influence on both his music and his journey to cope with OCD. But far from being preachy, his lyrics ring universal. Whether listeners find freedom through faith, relationships, or within, Matt’s message translates across beliefs. His authentic songwriting aims to encourage and lift, a mission that shines through with each vulnerable and hopeful lyric.

With open, sincere lyrics and sensitive vocals, he shares intimate details of his journey with listeners in a way that feels comfortable and familiar. As Matt connects his heart and soul to ours, with artistry and empathy, he affirms that it is possible to find meaning even in the midst of uncertainty.

I am sure that Matt will become very well known to those who enjoy real singer-songwriter folk very soon because just this song alone has me excited to hear more from this talented teller. For anybody looking for a motivational musical reminder that hope may arise even in the darkest corners of life, "Free At Last" is a must-have in the meantime.

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