For Another (Original Single) by Max Edwards

Max Edwards has released a new original single,  “For Another” is a lively commercial pop single that has a chill vibe and a beat that’ll have you singing and humming it in your head all day.

For Another (Original Single) by Max Edwards reminds me of Justin Beibers works it has the same interesting and alluring aspect. Max the singer and songwriter of “For Another” is a talent, his lyrics for his single are meaningful and relatable about heartbreak and relationship difficulties, that we can all relate to and sing on the top of our lungs for. Not to mention Max’s mesmerizing vocals that will capture your heart.

I am in love with For Another (Original Single) by Max Edwards you must give it a listen. For Another will be the first single in Max Edwards upcoming album, and I can’t wait for its release, because it will definitely be a success.

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