Foolish Games (Original Single) By Atomic Bronco

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Austin-Texas-based one-man band Atomic Bronco just came back with latest single "Foolish Game" making this song their third release of the year. The track gives us a glimpse of what future releases from the band might sound like.

The song begins beautifully. It features a fantastic guitar start and excellent percussion work; that will stay in your thoughts and have you humming for a long time. The lyrics are very engaging and lively, which adds to the track's outstanding production. The song is an array of emotions, with a 50s pace, vocal mixing, and some punchy distorted guitars. It does not allow for any downtime, always moving up with the sound of guitars and drums. This is the most catchy piece I've heard from them thus far. It had me on my toes the entire time, especially with the guitar solos. It's fantastic. As for the vocals, Kyle Nuss has one of the most appealing male voices I've ever heard, you can't help but fall in love with his sultry and seductive voice


I simply enjoy nice guitar solos in songs; they always improve the music. Especially when combined with a wide vocal range and superb mixing.

Atomic Bronco describes the process of creating this music, saying that he was experimenting with some retro-sounding guitar tones when he came up with this composition.

He continues "I've been drawn to that sort of sound lately. With the lyrics in the song, I wanted to try to have a surface level meaning where you could think the song is about a lover, but if you dig a little deeper you can see that the song is more about the fallacy of chasing money, or however people want to interpret it." A song with double meaning then, I love that!

This pop-rock anthem is full of tantalizing melodies, is cleverly written and it's a lot of fun. "Foolish Game" is an excellent tune for dancing, driving, or simply a song to chill to; it suits many moods. Follow Atomic Bronco on social media and listen to "Foolish Game" on your streaming platforms.

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