Flock o’ Fakes (Original Single) by Lonnieclaire

JUST ROCK Flock o’ Fakes (Original Single) by Lonnieclaire

The icon Lonnieclaire releases a new single and we're all blown away by the exuberant talent and energy it provokes, Flock o' Fakes (Original Single) the recent release by Lonnieclaire is a indie alternative rock single with hints of psychedelic and post-punk vibes that will definitely drive you insane with its majestic mind altering vibe and melody.

Launching back in the 90's with their debut 4-song cassette demo, Lonnieclaire has came a long way and continues to make magnificent music as ever, Lonnieclaire showed us that no matter how well and seemingly perfect your music is you can always improve yourself and shock your fans, because if you think "WOWW Lonnieclaire is amazing it can't get any better than this" they will continuously prove you wrong and shock the indie rock scene with their brilliance shifting the narrative and setting a new high standard for themselves and others alike. Lonnieclaire has had a huge impact on the indie rock scene and they have changed it and revolutionized it with their music.

Flock o' Fakes (Original Single) by Lonnieclaire is the single you must give a listen to, with beautiful enchanting vocals, lyrics like no other and a melody that will get you to the wild side, what more do you need for a track to be able to call it absolute and utter perfection.

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