Floating Away By Gary Dranow

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I've been floating away with a little tune called "Floating Away" by Gary Dranow and Chris Zoupa. Now you all know I'm always on the hunt for songs that soothe the soul like a cool mountain stream. I think this one just might be the golden prize I've been planning for.

The acoustic guitar has a weathered, lived-in quality that speaks of experience and perseverance. Gary and Chris Zoupa’s partnership instantly felt comforting, like chatting with an old friend by the fire after a long day. The vocals carry the weight of wisdom earned through life's ups and downs, worn smooth like a river stone.

"Floating Away" transports the listener to a simpler time. The guitar leads the way with a sunny blend of finger-picked melodies, easy strumming patterns, and the occasional sweet solo that soars like a songbird at dawn. You can almost see the notes drifting lazily down the river like fallen leaves, never knowing just where the current may take them. The subtle percussion provides the perfect low-key backbeat, like the steady lapping of waves against the shore, keeping things drifting along smoothly and allowing the mind to wander without a destination. Together, their easygoing instrumentation conjures images of nature in its purest, most peaceful form. Gary had some mighty insightful things to say about what inspired their little musical journey.

He said music for them is more than just plucking strings and singing notes. It's a way to tap into the deepest wells of the human heart. And that's just what "Floating Away" aims to do. See, according to Gary, the song is a tribute to what sees us through the ups and downs, our connections to others.

Put the song on, close your eyes, and feel yourself buoyed by its message of friendship. I prescribe you one dose of "Floating Away" stat. Your blues are sure to drift away as smoothly as the current. Let Dranow and Zoupa's song be your raft, it just might carry you to a better place. You may find, like me, that its uplifting spirit stays with you like an old friend long after the final notes have faded.

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