Flirt With Disaster (Monikkr Remix) By Sydney Gordon

You’ll undoubtedly dance like you’ve never danced before when you listen to Sydney Gordon’s most recent release. The dance-pop remix of “Flirt With Disaster (Monikkr Remix)” offers a fresh vibe and a magnetic feel. Let me tell you, this song is so captivating and will have you tapping your feet from the very first second that I continued listening to it repeatedly without realizing it.

The song begins with synthesizer melodies that are reminiscent of the late 70s yet have a more contemporary feel. It features textured passages that are really nice and spacey melodies throughout, and the instrumentals used in the track give it a lot of intensity. The instruments became clearer and more present with each passing second; they also erupted with color and had a really energetic feel to them. Simply said, the production is upbeat and funky, and it’ll get you singing and dancing like never before.

I particularly enjoy the chorus since it is full of exciting melodies and disco vibes throughout. I was also amazed by the instrumentation that is concealed in the production; it is an exceptionally gorgeous tune that will fascinate you and make you want to keep the song on repeat. The layers of the instrumentals are so skillfully done and pleasing to the ear that they quickly stick in your brain. You will be eternally thankful after listening to this song since it fills a gap in your life that you haven’t even realized was there.

The singer is speaking to herself and advising her younger self to stay away from her troubled ex. You appreciate the song even more because of the tight vocals and imaginative backdrop mixing that give the vocals a few extra pitches. The delivery is flawless throughout and done in a stunning manner. There was nothing lacking with this song; it makes us think of classic disco and will fill your ears with wonderful melodies and ultra-modern funky sounds.

This song is fantastic for karaoke, clubs, or simply chilling out to. You should all add “Flirt With Disaster (Monikkr Remix)” to your playlists; after listening to it, you’ll be glad you did. Show Sydney Gordon and Monikkr some love on social media and listen to the song on Spotify, you won’t regret it.

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