Flatline (Original Single) By Cynthia Angelica

Spiritual pop icon Cynthia Angelica releases her 2nd and latest track “Flatline” (Original Single), a marvelous and meaningful alternative pop single that will have you questioning the events currently happening in the world and our reaction to them. Cynthia Angelica is one artist who lays down her truth and emotions in her music, where you can just feel the emotions in her voice.

Cynthia Angelica is a magnificent singer with angelic vocals that touch your soul, and a masterful songwriter that writes meaningful and relatable lyrics that’ll resonate with you to your very core, and her first two releases “Grace” and “Flatline” perfectly show us her skill and talent.


“Flatline” her 2nd single carries a very important message about the mass shootings happening all over the USA. Her latest single will also be part of her upcoming album that she plans on releasing later on, and I can’t wait for the release, because Cynthia has shown us anything about herself that she will always blow you away with her mesmerizing music.

Worthy of all the recognition and support, you must give this up-and-coming talent a listen, because Cynthia Angelica will not disappoint. And don’t forget to like and follow all her social media pages to always be up to date on all her latest news and releases.

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