Fever – Remix By JESSENATION


The dance floor is calling, and Jessenation's new "Fever Remix" promises to become the summer soundtrack. Featuring Jessenation's trademark vocals alongside the hypnotic rhymes of B.O.C Madaki, this remix has all the elements to ignite dance floors all around the world.

Powered by adrenaline-pumping production from in-demand DJ and producer Rymzy, "Fever Remix" takes Jessenation's Afro-soul hit to the next level. Early buzz indicates this collaboration could cement Jessenation as a global force in the Afro-soul scene. Between Jessenation's vocal talents, Madaki's on-point flow, and Rymzy's dance-commanding production, "Fever Remix" has all the ingredients to become the song of the season.

The original "Fever" by Jessenation was already a global phenomenon, captivating over 5 million listeners with its infectious afro-soul vibes. But upon hearing the remix, this collaboration takes the track to new heights. Jessenation's vocals act as a siren call, drawing you deeper into the track's mesmeric melody. In the music industry, Jessenation is an actual threat to be reckoned with. His afro-soul/hip-hop hybrid has captured the hearts and minds of millions of people worldwide with its intense energy.

B.O.C Madaki matches his intensity, delivering impactful bars in English and Hausa that leave an indelible mark. B.O.C Madaki is a legendary name in the Nigerian and African music scenes. Born in Bauchi, Nigeria. Hits like "Kudi," "King Kuta," and "Zafi" have earned him widespread critical acclaim.

Of course, no remix would be complete without DJ Rymzy's masterful touch. As the engineer behind the original "Fever," he understands precisely what makes it tick. Through impactful additions, he amplifies its magnetic essence while keeping the pristine production quality fans adore. Layered percussion, bouncing basslines, and euphoric builds coalesce into an irresistible rhythmic tapestry demanding movement.

"Fever Remix" ignites a communal celebration like no other. An invisible current connects every swaying body as the infectious refrain echoes off smoky walls. It's impossible not to get swept up in the feverish collective energy, losing yourself in the rhythm of blissful moments of unadulterated expression.

Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado of afro-soul, hip-hop, good music in general, or simply enjoy a good party track, "Fever Remix" has something for you. Get ready to be swept up in the magic as Jessenation, B.O.C Madaki and DJ Rymzy set the airwaves alight. Fans can expect nothing short of fireworks when they check out "FEVER Remix" The fever is only beginning. Together, these three powerhouses represent the best of an Afro Collaboration.

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