Feel You By KLARY


London-based singer Klary has persevered through many years in her efforts to pursue a full-time music career. After trying and learning, she began independently releasing her songs just a couple of years ago. Her latest release, the single "Feel You," shows Klary solidifying her signature sound and delivering an irresistible new club-ready gem.

"Feel You" just might be Klary's breakthrough hit. The song has this infectious energy that immediately grabs your attention. From the opening synth beats, Klary delivers a track meant for the dancefloor. This track takes some cues from the queens of dance-pop back in the day. You hear the chorus hit and all of a sudden you're dancing without even thinking about it. This song channels some of that same bright, carefree energy that made the 90s and 00s songs perfect for turning up to.

Between the thumping bass and layered synths/strings, "Feel You" just puts you in a great mood. Klary balances the dance elements with a super catchy chorus. The vocals have a warmth to them too, which I think adds to the song's appeal. Even on initial listens, I could envision this soundtracking countless nights out with friends. Its relentless pace and melting pot of textures are made to keep people moving non-stop.

The growth Klary has achieved as a musician comes through when revisiting "Feel You" alongside her previous independent releases. Back then, she was understandably still figuring things out as a newcomer and finding her artistic identity. But on this latest single, Klary unleashes her talents with a new sense of self-assurance. You can hear the refinement in both her melodic skills and overall performance ability. Klary has put in the work to elevate her songwriting and vocal chops to the next level.

All in all, I was impressed by Klary's talents after hearing "Feel You." With slick production, singalong choruses, and fun lyrics, this latest single has all the makings of a club/mainstream hit. It'll be one to watch climb the charts, that's for sure. I look forward to seeing what Klary cooks up next. In the meantime, feel free to check out "Feel You" and give this rising star your support!

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