Feel The Love (Original EP) Cris Cap ft. Tyla Raé

TOP BEST HITS Feel The Love (Original EP) Cris Cap ft. Tyla Raé
Feel The Love (Original EP) Cris Cap ft. Tyla Raé Feel The Love (Original EP) Cris Cap ft. Tyla Raé

Discover CRIS CAP, an indie musician and songwriter from Germany specializing in RnB, Jazz fused Pop and Soulful Sounds. Cris collaborates with various musicians to make mellow, easy-to-listen songs that are calming and uplifting. His Latest EP, "FEEL THE LOVE," demonstrates his accomplishments and the progression he gained with the latest experience evolvement, bringing on two duets and an acoustic version with silky singer Tyla Raé from London. The ep contains 3 full-length tracks. the first one is called "feel the love," as the ep is titled, and the other two tracks are different and exciting versions of "Like a Rose," At first, glance, listening to this fantastic work of art, you feel shocked when you hear the vocals the due is a perfect fit with the layered vocals line, and the lyrics are well-tuned, the musical instruments are well placed in a way you enjoy it. While listening to Love is like a rose, you go directly from the excitement effect from the first track, "Feel The Love," into a jazzy soft romantic, and maybe a little erotic mood that will get you in the wildest thoughts unconditionally. I recommend this excellent ep to be featured in love movie scenes and more...

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