London-based musician and producer Shola has carved out an impressive career mixing genres from across Africa and the 1960s till today. With her experimental sound design, she creates emotive songs that transport listeners to new worlds. Shola's latest single "FEEL ALRIGHT" featuring UK artist Bace God continues her tradition of crafting entrancing Afro-inspired dance tracks.

"FEEL ALRIGHT" opens with a pulsating beat reminiscent of Amapiano but elevated by Shola's signature futuristic sensibilities. Layered percussion loops and cascading synths slowly entice you into the track's hypnotic rhythm.

When Bace God's impassioned vocals enter over the beat, the track transforms into an otherworldly dance experience. Singing in both Yoruba and English, his lyrics call listeners to lose themselves on the dancefloor. His charismatic delivery pulls you deeper under the song's spell with each pass of the chorus.

As the percussion gets stronger, lush synthesizers envelop the atmosphere with warm tones. Shola expands the sonic landscape into a euphoric electronic terrain that stimulates both mind and body. Layer upon innovative layer is stacked to mesmerizing effect, keeping the energy sky-high throughout the song.

About the song, Shola spoke of her goal to "create an other-worldly musical experience" with "FEEL ALRIGHT" that allows listeners to escape reality's stresses. Her vision is fully realized through this scintillating production. The track's progression sweeps you into a place where nothing else matters but surrendering to the rhythm. All worries fade as you're transported on Bace God and Shola's rhythmic journey.

"FEEL ALRIGHT" is a shining example of how genre-blending need not mean compromising artistic integrity. Shola beautifully weaves together Amapiano's club-friendly energy, 60s-inspired psych-pop textures, and elements of traditional afro music into a cohesive dance anthem.

Be sure to add "FEEL ALRIGHT" to your playlists and turn it up loud when you need to get lost in music's healing powers. Stream Shola's latest for yourself across platforms and feel the magic. You can also follow her social pages to stay up to date on future releases that are sure to transcend all expectations. With her adventurous spirit and technical mastery on full display, Shola is an artist perfectly poised to break boundaries and bring much-needed joy through her genre-melting creations. "FEEL ALRIGHT" serves as an enthralling taster of greater musical journeys yet to come.

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