Feed My Dreams With Funk (Original Single) By Mike By Name

Let the funk flow through you with “Feed My Dreams With Funk” by the immensely talented mike by name. mike by name reflects the bluesy swagger of Hendrix and the punk attitude of Prince through his raspy vocals and Les Paul guitar. mike by name seems determined to push the boundaries of genre and redefine rock and roll, eager to transport listeners to new sonic spaces.

The track “Feed My Dreams With Funk” intertwines nostalgic funk textures from the 70s with current alternative rock sounds. It crafts a decadent, liberating musical adventure that feels at once cozy and cutting-edge. mike by name reshapes funk-rock with an avant-garde sense, fashioning a feel-good trip through sound that throws open the doors of perception.

Lyrics like “propels our dreams / Whether asleep or wide awake / Is there trouble? Is there danger? / Will the queen break the chain?” conjure a dreamy, meandering logic that marries fantastical ideas with mike’s brooding vocals. There’s a hint of threat in lines like “Why the conflict running always chasing our heels / Why are we wired to explode?” but ultimately, the refrain “I feed my dreams with funk / A funk and a kiss through the night” promises bliss and solace. Mike by name is a lyrical genius and this song highlights his masterful abilities!

mike by name laughs at life’s rough days, recalling “Used to feel I was all alone / Sad little king in castle / Weeping on his throne.” But with his guitar and “lady with the thunder love,” he’s “taken by infinity / but it ain’t what I’m dreaming of.” Their connection seems to sustain him, even if the chemically-enhanced realities of the song’s funky cosmos differ from everyday life.

Scratching guitars, and spellbinding bass create a dreamscape that mike’s soul-baring voice navigates confidently. By the song’s climax, any lingering doubts about feeding one’s dreams with funk have washed away, as mike insists “Baby won’t you funk me right.” His fuzzy, ecstatic groove makes a convincing case.

Mike by name is one artist the world needs to look out for, as his music is truly spellbinding and addictive! From Vocals to lyrics and beats, “Feed My Dreams With Funk” is a true masterpiece and a mesmerizing listen.

With “Feed My Dreams With Funk,” mike by name composes an incantation of joy and escape. In his funky fantasy, there are no rough days or sad little kings—only infinite elation and a kiss through the night. The only trouble is deciding whether to keep feeding your dreams with funk or plunge in forever. Keep feeding your dreams with funk by streaming the song on Spotify, and following the stunning artist for news and updates on future releases.

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