Living off the grid in rural Southeast Queensland, Amanda Emblem certainly isn't your average singer-songwriter. On The Amanda Emblem Experiment's new five-track EP "Farmtime" this fiercely independent artist gives listeners a glimpse into her secluded and soulfully creative world.

The EP opens with the ethereal "Waterfall," arguably one of Emblem's most beautiful compositions to date. The soft guitar moves up like a brook, accompanied by vocals flowing freely. The delicate production draws you in like the mist from a distant waterfall, caressing the ears but leaving space to get lost in your thoughts and interpretations. Next is the dreamy Americana of "Of Course I Do," showcasing deft fingerpicking alongside airy vocals suspended somewhere between soul and twang. The instrumentation perfectly complements her airy tone and thoughtful poetics. This is the sound of an artist perfectly comfortable in her artistic skin.

A change of pace comes with "Middle of the Night," turning up the darkness and drama. Gorgeous guitars lend an edgy alt-country vibe as Emblem's vocals take on a haunting edge befitting the late hours theme. It's one of her most dynamically compelling compositions to date, flowing like the troubled waters of 3 am thoughts and anxieties.

The lush "General Consensus" continues exploring moody sonic terrain. A mesmerizing guitar line writhes beneath Emblem's sultry articulation, imbuing the track with a seductive sensuality. It's among her most richly layered and irresistibly complex arrangements to date.

The EP's pinnacle is the sprawling "Aphrodisia." Classic strings, shuffling percussion, and Amanda’s ethereal multi-tracked vocals weave a gauzy tapestry of blissful escapism. It's an album that could soundtrack sunrise on a secluded beach or the best sunset with equal elegance. Throughout, Amanda’s distinctive melodic and literary gifts are in full effect.

Across Farmtime's quick five tracks, this reclusive artist packs an immense emotive punch without breaking a sweat. Living in the wilderness agrees with her creativity, resulting in some of her most inspired and immersive work to date. While her lifestyle keeps her comfortably under the mainstream radar, those who take the time to get lost in her soundscapes will find quiet revelations in abundance. This is the work of an intensely singular talent crafting art on unimpeachable terms. Do yourself a favor and immerse yourself in the dreamlike soundscapes of The Amanda Emblem Experiment. You will for sure love it.

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