Fairytales By DAME ZINA


If you’re like me and have never listened to Dame Zina yet, you’re in for a great discovery! Their new album "Fairytales" is just magical. It drew me in from the first note.

The album starts with "Sirène", which sets the mood perfectly. The dreamy French lyrics just wrap around you with a warm feel. It starts so soft and tender, then those intricate beats slowly come in to fill things out. You can hear the father-daughter dynamic shining through in the unique blend of their styles.

Next up is "Witch Circle", which immediately had me dancing around. The synths on this track are mesmerizing - they just sweep you up and carry you away. And the way the drums lock in with those vocals will give you chills every time. You can picture yourself at some mystical ritual in the woods. It's cool how they play with that witchy aesthetic throughout without being too on the nose. I was blown away by "Palace," the production is just exquisite. You can practically see the ornate halls and ballgowns. It almost feels like the soundtrack to some epic period drama.

"Golden Dust" took me to my happy place. Those cascading beats and swirling vocals are like a magic spell. It's the definition of easy listening - you just glide along effortlessly on the rhythm. There's so much complexity tucked into what initially sounds simple. You appreciate their subtle mastery of dynamics. Now, "Once Upon A Time." The storytelling element shone through, like Dame Zina was sharing some enchanting fairy tale just for you. That vocal delivery in the opening is gorgeously intimate. I loved how lush it grew while still keeping that cozy vibe. Their epic "Dragons and Fairies" clocks in at almost 8 minutes, but I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, not wanting it to end! It's an incredible journey packed with crystal-clear highs and rich lows.

"Master Goddess" brought the party, shimmying in with that funky flair. It's a refreshing change of pace that shows their range. The playfulness stood out against the ethereal vibe of the other cuts. On "La Nuit" the electronics took me for a ride! It's like I was ruling the night at some futuristic ball. The energy and textures had me smiling with joy. And finally, the gentle "Lullaby for a Fairy" tied everything together with a sweet bow. It felt like the perfect send off after that cinematic journey.

"Fairytales" is a stunning opus from Dame Zina. I'm blown away by their raw talent and mastery of mood. The production quality is phenomenal throughout. It left me spellbound from start to finish. This daughter-father duo have a magical alchemy that's one of a kind. I can't stop listening - it's a true fairy tale dream for music lovers. Consider me forever charmed!

So if you're looking for a whimsical escape or some wondrous dream pop to lose yourself in, look no further than Dame Zina's "Fairytales." Trust me when I say it's an unforgettable listen that will stay with you.

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