Fairytale on Fire (Original Album) BY SALT

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Fairytale on Fire (Original Album) BY SALT Fairytale on Fire (Original Album) BY SALT  

Fairytale on Fire is an album by the talented Salt band, they are a rock band with a female vocalist. The vocals on the album are great with the artists raspy voice, not to mention the drums, bass, electric guitar and the other instruments fit together to make a beautiful ensemble. The album begins with Halo which is on the slow side, it gives me the feel of a post apocalyptic world, Boxcar was my favorite song of the album with its beat, vocals and lyrics i can relate to it on a deeper level as the lyrics are meaningful stating that we are travelers as life goes by. As I continued listening to this album the more i fell in love with the band and their unique vibe. Any person who enjoys Rock should give salt a chance, they are a talented and immaculate band that you would enjoy listening to.

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This is SALT's follow up album on HX Records. It is vinyl only so only embeddable from the private Soundcloud player. Appreciate this is a bit "old School" - in that the record company is a vinyl only business.  

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