Eyes of the World (Cover Single) By ARI JOSHUA

TOP BEST HITS Eyes of the World (Cover Single) By ARI JOSHUA

In an electrifying collaboration, guitarist and composer Ari Joshua has joined forces with a group of phenomenal instrumentalists to present a fresh interpretation of the Grateful Dead's everlasting classic, "Eyes of the World."

For this ethereal musical journey, Ari Joshua has assembled a stellar lineup of accomplished artists. Outstanding drummer John Kimock, whose remarkable talent has previously graced the tours of Dead and Co bassist Oteil Burbridge and Phish bassist Mike Gordon, brings his rhythmic prowess and nuanced, dynamic percussion to this remarkable recording session. Bassist Andy Hess, praised for his work with Gov't Mule, The Black Crowes, and a myriad of other projects, adds depth and complexity to the composition, grounding the elegant melodies with his versatile, grooving bass lines. Completing the ensemble is internationally touring keyboardist Eden Ladin, whose virtuosic style and unique harmonic sensibilities infuse the music with exquisite energy.

To adapt the song's jazzy, open-ended structure into a compelling standalone recorded track, Joshua has crafted an arrangement that blows the doors wide open for individual expression. Kimock's dancing drums and Hess' wandering bass lines weave around Ladin's kaleidoscopic keyboards, creating a swirling musical fabric for Joshua's liquid lead guitar lines to shine and sparkle upon.

While remaining faithful to its heritage, this rendition of "Eyes of the World" has a modern, progressive feel that demonstrates the lasting appeal of a masterfully written song. The tune retains its sunny optimism and uplifting energy, but the talented musicians bring 21st-century flair and innovation to the performance. Their obvious chemistry and deep listening abilities allow the music to organically shift between intricate composition and free-flowing improvisation. Listening to the recording, one can vividly imagine what it would have sounded like to experience a transcendental moment of collective inspiration in the studio.

For music lovers everywhere, this record provides a chance to hear one of the Dead's most notable compositions reimagined by a skillful new era of players. This is one of the biggest songs of the year, listen to it on Spotify, and make sure that you follow the full team behind this project, especially Ari Joshua, to always stay updated on his future projects.

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