Eyes of the Dragon by NOLO GRACE

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I'm about to introduce you to an exciting, talented artist in the indie electro-pop world: Nolo Grace. Nolo isn't just another face in the crowd. Nolo is a Korean-American artist who is always on the move to enhance her sound. She's been on a journey of self-discovery that's as colorful as her tunes. With nearly 6k monthly listeners on Spotify and a growing army of fans across social media, Nolo Grace is building some serious momentum. Her tunes have been lighting up screens on Netflix's "Bling Empire," proving that her brand of alt-pop is ready for the big time.

She is once again back to blow your mind. Nolo Grace's latest single, "Eyes of the Dragon," is about to take you on a journey you won't soon forget. Produced by her husband Martin Wave, the song is grand and cinematic. The electronic beats and sounds will be the highlight of your playlist. The beats are not easy, but they're powerful and make you move. But they do carry this very airy feel. They make themselves present while always feeling light. 

The synths are a huge part of "Eyes of the Dragon." Martin Wave puts a diverse palette of synthetic textures, from warm, analog-style bass tones to shimmering, crystal-clear leads. These synths weave in and out, sometimes taking center stage and other times lending subtle support. It evolves throughout the song. The arrangement is fluid and ever-changing, mirroring the transformative themes of the lyrics. We hear the shifts in the texture and density of the music, with new elements being introduced and others fading away, creating this movement and progression that keeps you engaged. Despite the richness of the instruments, there's a delicacy to the sound that allows the ear to catch everything smoothly. The production treatment of Grace's voice is sublime. The producer used a good balance on her vocals, giving them only a little reverb, or autotune. 

I've always been drawn to Nolo Grace and Martin's music as it feels so genuine and personal, and I'm a tremendous fan of their work. While Grace's work alongside her husband has always pushed her limits, this solo project seems like a real turning point for her as an artist.

Even for those of us who have been fans from the start, "Eyes of the Dragon" speaks to us on an intimate level. The song alludes to the duality that exists inside each of us and the ongoing conflict inside all of us. So go ahead and listen to it on Spotify right now, and spread the word about "Eyes of the Dragon" to everyone you know.

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