Eyes in Love (Original Single) By Naked Face

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The oozing soundscapes of "Eyes in Love" by the pair Naked Face envelop the listener in a sea of ecstasy and transcendence. Every musical element, from the thumping heartbeat of a bassline to synths that slither and writhe, has been composed to plunge the listener into musical oblivion.

"I wrote the song about my struggles with a deteriorating, tumultuous, relationship whilst also battling a severe post-surgical opioid addiction" said Steve Slik. He wrote the song to help inspire and give hope to others suffering through similar struggles. Even though he was still dealing with the effects of a rough relationship and opioid addiction, he wanted to convey that there is light ahead, even in the darkest of times. By sharing his experience through music, he hoped to help the millions of people also fighting alike difficulties. The song was a way to help others know they are not alone and that things can get better.

Passionate vocals sing and coo, igniting the lyrics of "Eyes in Love" with fire, dripping the song with desire and longing, awash in recollection and regret. "All you'd say were lies / Died / Rumours of you in my mind / Tonight / Leave it all behind," mourns the spirited melody, dismantling the remains of a tarnished romance.

"Blind / I'm blind from the tears of my eyes / All you’d say were lies," repeats the chorus, blinding itself to avoid seeing the painful truth. The song is a relief, disassembling the guise of a relationship built on falsehoods and breakage. "Eyes in Love" permits the listener to feel the anguish, then exhale it, transmuting pain into euphoria.

The driving beat and flowing synth sounds create an energetic, vibrating mood that lifts your spirits, even as the singer expresses sadness in the words. The music provides kinetic bliss to balance out any despondency. It gives you sorrowful angst to enjoy in the lyrics, but compensates with rhythmic cheer.

Listening to "Eyes in Love" is a journey into light. The song is a mystical alarm, awakening the spark within to blaze forth into the boundless sky. Listen to this addictive track and follow along with the pair Steve Slik and Luke House on social media, you'll be lost in the flow of Naked Face in no time.

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