Eyes Closed (Original Single) By PinkBoy

HYPE Eyes Closed (Original Single) By PinkBoy

Introducing PinkBoy, a rising talent in the music industry who is set to rise with his debut single "Eyes Closed." This release marks the birth of his journey as an artist in the electro-funk genre, a distinctive blend of electronic music and funk. What sets PinkBoy apart from other musicians is his incredible versatility.

Not only does he write and produce all of his own music from his personal studio, but he also has a hand in creating and directing all of his own visuals, often working alongside his brother. This level of creative control has allowed him to develop a distinct style that is gaining attention and building a dedicated fan base across various social media platforms.

PinkBoy's debut single "Eyes Closed" is an instant classic, transporting listeners to a world of mesmerizing melodies and infectious beats from the very first note. The swinging synths and warm vocals are like a call to the dance floor, inviting you to let loose and move to the rhythm.

The more you listen, you'll discover layer upon layer of intricate production, filled with hidden elements that will keep you on your toes and constantly surprised. The chorus is particularly breathtaking, with a blend of electronic sounds and EDM beats that are guaranteed to get your heart racing. The added touch of a female voice in the chorus, urging you to "Move your feet and clap your hands, stand up tall", adds an extra layer of energy to the track and makes it impossible to resist singing along.

One of the most impressive things about "Eyes Closed" to me, is the sheer variety of sounds and styles that are packed into the track. From electronic beats to guitars and bass, PinkBoy effortlessly weaves together different segments to create a sound that is truly incomparable. And the fact that this is only his debut release is truly mind-blowing, leaving me excited to see what he has in store for the future.

To fully experience the magic of PinkBoy's music, be sure to stream "Eyes Closed" on Spotify and follow him on his social media pages for updates on future releases.

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