TOP BEST HITSEye Of The Deceiver (Original Single) by Requiem For Oblivion

August 12, 2022 by saiidzeidan

A perfect single for all metal and death metal lovers. Requiem For Oblivion has outdone themselves with this strong and edgy single, "Eye Of The Deceiver" is a heavy death metal single with amazing details, melody, vocals, and lyrics. The electric guitar, along with the drums on this track are perfect and gives the track power and strength to go with the killer death growl of the vocalist, which will have every metal fan in awe with their abilities.

This single sheds light on how corrupt the government is and how they are trying to take our rights, Requiem For Oblivion hopes that with this track, we get the motivation to stand up for ourselves and make a change. You must give Eye Of The Deceiver (Original Single) by Requiem For Oblivion a listen.

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