Extreme Masochist By COMA BEACH


"The Scapegoat's Agony" by Coma Beach is not for the weak of heart. Drawing inspiration from Beckett's "Waiting for Godot," the album explores themes of anguish and solitude with a primal passion. Track 9, "Extreme Masochist," embodies this spirit, taking you on an emotional journey that culminates in silence as deafening as the music itself.

The song tells the story of an anonymous antihero who, after a tornado of lofty ideals and crippling negativity, finds himself confronted with the harsh facts of life. "Extreme Masochist" transforms into a battleground of sounds, reflecting the character's distress.

You find yourself in the protagonist's mind, where their suffering reverberates over a barren wasteland. The singer's gruff voice is more than just singing; it's an exposed and sensitive cry of desperation. The relentless storm of distorted guitars and pounding drums in the song is a reflection of this inner anguish. Beyond simply being loud, it's visceral, pushing in on you and causing you to experience the blows right along with the storyteller.

However, the unexpected occurs just when you believe you've arrived at the center of the storm. All of the tension is released when the music bursts into a final explosion. And then... complete silence. It feels as though the earth has been lifted from under you, leaving you to float in a state of reverie.

The genius of "Extreme Masochist" is that it doesn't provide solutions. It offers no comfort. As an alternative, it plunges you into the same abyss as the characters in "Waiting for Godot," leaving you to face the same existential dilemmas. It forces you to face your fears and concerns head-on by not sugarcoating the hard facts.

This is a sensation rather than just a melody. It's a taste of the unapologetic sound of Coma Beach, and an example that rock music isn't only about radio-friendly hooks and appealing melodies. It may serve as a mirror reflecting our lowest feelings or as a gut punch compelling us to face the emptiness within us.

If "Extreme Masochist" has piqued your interest after reading this review, I highly recommend searching it out and giving it a listen. As always, please support the artists by streaming the song through the official channels. Turn it up loud, hit play, and brace yourself.

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