Extraordinary (Original Album) By Todd Underwood

TOP BEST HITS Extraordinary (Original Album) By Todd Underwood

Todd Underwood is back with a great new album that will keep you entertained for a while. His latest album "Extraordinary" plays for a good 40 minutes featuring Todd Underwood behind the Guitar, The Bass, The Drums, The Vocals, and literally any sound played throughout the album. Put simply, this artist is the true definition of a one-man show with the talent and skills to play an incredible amount of instruments professionally.

Todd Underwood is by no means a new player to the music scene, inspired by the likes of U2, The Police, AC/DC, and more modernly, Saosin, Edison Glass, and Jimmy Eat World. His music is a combination of rock with a nice inspiring calmness to it, Pop with a weird twist to it; his style was best described by a quote from a review on the artist that described him as "Genre Smashing". His art is unique to him and that’s why you will love him as he’s providing the music you won’t be found anywhere else.

You might have not directly heard of Todd Underwood before but we can almost guarantee you’ve heard his music and art before. Throughout his 30 years of a music career, Todd played with members of Sly and the Family Stone, Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad), TMac (Travis McNabb - drummer for Sugarland and more), has composed and performed music for sports television for over 30 years of including everything Major League Baseball to the Dog Whisperer. Todd was the recipient of many Tele awards during this period.

The latest album "Extraordinary" features 12 unique songs written and performed by Todd Underwood that are guaranteed to brighten up your day with energy and positive vibes. His music is truly refreshing and his vocals are perfect. The album comes as the exact opposite of his previous album "Upside Down" as Todd is trying to depict to the world the freedom everyone’s feeling now that the Covid-19 pandemic is no longer as severe as it once was.

So make sure to check out Todd’s latest album and support him on all his social media platforms so that he gets the recognition and support he truly deserves to become a global artist.

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