Existential Dread (Original Single) By 9 o’clock Nasty

TOP BEST HITS Existential Dread (Original Single) By 9 o’clock Nasty

I'm not always impressed by goofy chaotic acts but damn this band has mastered chaos with their own incredible twist. 9 O’Clock Nasty is one band I’m happy to be covering as their energy is through the roof. Their latest release, "Existential Dread" is an incredible new release by the band that falls in the garage punk rock genre. Combined with flawless vocal work coupled with astonishing guitar and drum skills, I can feel the rock gods looking down at 9 O'Clock Nasty and giving them the thumbs up.

"Existential Dread" is played by the band and is part of their I Am Unicorn Head project that has been at work for months. Drums and guitars are combined with amazing vocals to make the song even more powerful. "Existential Dread" dives deep into the existential crisis everyone goes through, and I’ve been able to relate to the song on different levels; I believe you will too.

Under all their chaotic madness, the band has always conveyed profound messages with their songs. I believe that is their secret to connecting with their fans as, despite their crazy, energetic, uncommon delivery style, they still manage to provide star-quality music. Their recent releases have been massive successes, as can be seen by the massive traction they've been picking up.


The band has recently enjoyed some success; its distinct fusion of rock and pop, together with its euphoric personalities and performances, has found enormous appeal on a global scale. As a result of their talent, they already have a large fan base supporting them in their musical career. Their social media presence is constantly expanding and gaining more traction due to the success they’ve found with their previous single, "Team Player" that successfully connected to fans. So stop what you're doing, log on to your preferred music streaming service, and start listening. Don't forget to follow the band on social media, subscribe to their channel, and listen to their most recent music releases at their personal website, http://www.9nasty.com.

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