Executive Functions (Original Album) By POLSKY

TOP BEST HITS Executive Functions (Original Album) By POLSKY

PolSky is an extraordinary indie band ready to make their mark with the release of their highly anticipated debut album, "Executive Functions." Blending genres like indie, pop, rock, and electronic music, PolSky serves up a fresh and exciting sound influenced by the challenges of modern life. From navigating the corporate grind to maintaining relationships in the digital age, PolSky infuses their music with infectious dance beats, anthemic hooks, and clever commentary on contemporary culture.

The album delivers a musical journey that transports listeners to different worlds. Each track brings a distinctive flavor. "Rounds" paints a vivid scene with chiming guitars. "In Love at the Cinema" transports us with astonishing guitar and golden vocals. "Nimbus Cumulus" elevates the dreamlike ambiance, lingering like a gentle breeze. "Rainbow Road" leaves an impactful finale with layered drifting vocals. "Switchboard Operator" starts with catchy plucking strings, smooth bass, and echoed vocals. "Halcyon Daze" is an infectious jam that gets feet tapping.

"Culture" pulsates with deep bass, urgent drumming, and soaring vocals exploring internet culture. The hit "100 Million Ways to Die" showcases catchy songwriting and lively melody. The interlude "Apopalypse Now - (Ode To Cracky)" serves as an oasis with one minute of fingerpicked acoustic guitar between landscapes. "Cupboard Love" radiates sunny charm with jangly guitars and smile-inducing vocals.

According to frontman Kris Warren, the intensive process of creating "Executive Functions" during the pandemic offered insight into the modern condition of information overload and the struggle to cope. He describes the album as a document of his experience trying to navigate modern life in the age of social media and nonstop digital connection.

Kris explains the album title and the band's adopted concept of becoming a "post-post punk corporation. He goes on to say, "The idea came to me to form myself (and by extension the band) as a corporation, really as a form of protection in an insane world! There are more subtle motivations but this is the core emotional truth - the songs of ‘Executive Functions’, in essence, are like faculties of one mind and the attempt to cope with the onslaught of modern life, placing myself under protection as C.E.O. of a corporation enables me to roam freely as an artist".

This album is a stunning sonic journey that dares you to close your eyes, press play - and come along for the wild ride. Pol-Sky has created an instant indie classic - one that will stay on high rotation for years to come. If you only discover one new album this year, make sure it's this one.

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