Excelsior (Original EP) By Damn Renegades

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June 29, 2022 by saiidzeidan
 Excelsior (Original EP) By Damn Renegades Excelsior (Original EP) By Damn Renegades

The explosive energy in the new EP will rock your body severely, which is good news for HARD ROCK LOVERS. Rock EP called "Excelsior" features five full-length tracks packed with awesomeness. My favorite part of this impressive work is its incredible sound quality since I usually receive a lot of rock music submissions to my label, and one of the first things I look for is the production quality. This one gets a B+. The lyrics are entertaining and thought-provoking, with the profound meaning behind the tracks' titles. Punchy vocals with expressive elements and a robust and rich presence make up the vocals. It needs to be on your ROCK LIST after you listen to it maybe a couple of times, maybe more like 1000 times because I can't get enough of it and my favorite genre is electronic music.

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