August 26, 2022 by saiidzeidan

CRITTRR is a new mixed genre rock band that is surely delivering some fresh new music. Based in Denver, the three-piece ensemble formerly went by the name of Chris Shrift and the Rock n Roll boys before shifting to the most badass name of a band, CRITTRR. CRITTRR is best described as a fuzzy, wavy, and ever-morphing garage blend rock band and have successfully released their latest album, "EVERYTHING I FORGOT ABOUT & LATELY" that encompasses 12 flawless written songs that mix the beauty of guitars, drums, and incredible vocals.

While still starting out, the band aims to go big with this album after spending substantial time writing and developing it.

We've been through the album countless times while trying to review this band and we can truly assure you one thing some serious rock and roll vibes resonate from them. The talent behind the guitar and flawless drum beat really add value to this band; as for the vocals, they do give out an 80s vibe that makes you miss those good old days. Inspired by everyday life and fantasies, the new album really takes you for a ride precisely as intended by CRITTRR, according to them; this is exactly what makes CRITTRR who they are.

Some serious topics were covered, and some were about big foot and creature feature horror movies.

Now that's the chaos one would expect from rock and roll. CRITTRR is still relatively at the beginning of the road of success but does have the library to back it up with over 25 songs and showing no signs of ever slowing down.

Their social media presence is still modest so be sure to follow them on their social media platforms to show them all the support. Also be sure to follow them on Spotify to remain up to date with their latest plans and releases as they do plan on remaining busy with music. So hop on the hype train and listen to 'EVERYTHING I FORGOT ABOUT & LATELY' by CRITTRR

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