When I first pressed play on the new track "Ever So Holy" by Trish Discord and Devon Aviles, I was immediately taken into a moody world of sound. Massive waves of synth bass and a soaring melodic lead filled my ears, giving rise to a dark intro that pulled me deeper into the song's mysterious world with each listen.

The production style during this intro is expertly crafted, feeling gritty and textured in all the right ways. It puts me in the mind of artists like Nine Inch Nails, who so skillfully blend industrial rock sounds with electronic elements. Trish Discord and Devon Aviles showcase similar talent here, starting their songs in a synth-driven realm before shifting gears.

And shifting gears it does. Huge distorted guitars burst through like a dam breaking. Powerful compressed drums lock in tight behind them, morphing the track into an alt-rock beast. This dynamic switch-up keeps the crowd on their toes, never allowing the song to settle into one predictable style for too long. The way "Ever So Holy" alternates between synth-driven verses and full-throttle, guitar-fueled choruses is ingenious. This artistic risk-taking is what makes the song such a thrill to experience.

As a result of musical talents working together, each of the parts builds on and enhances the other in a beautiful symbiotic way. There is no doubt that the electronic textures provide the perfect canvas for the guitar work to shine, and vice versa as well. It is only the finding of true artistic harmony that can lead to the creation of this magic. "Ever So Holy" feels like the start of something really special for Trish Discord and Devon Aviles. Fans of experimental rock should give "Ever So Holy" a spin.

"Ever So Holy" gets two enthusiastic thumbs up from me. Trish Discord and Devon Aviles demonstrate immense talent for putting together this track. I have a suspicion that this alt-rock song will be on repeat on my playlist for some time to come. Huge props to this pair for their first joint effort, which raised the bar incredibly high right away.

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