Discover POPEuphoria (Original Single) by André Molina

July 9, 2022 by saiidzeidan
Euphoria (Original Single) by André Molina Euphoria (Original Single) by André Molina

Euphoria (Original Single) by André Molina is an alternative indie pop song. I can describe it as a chilling song that touches your soul on a deeper level trying to reach into your heart and its lust giving it an edgy yet sexy feel. Euphoria is André Molina's third release and it does a great job at showing us André's talent, from his impressive vocal control to his skillful song writing abilities that show us André's perception of the cycle of being in love, the butterflies, the rush, the intense passion, how it fades and comes down. Simultaneously, Andre states that "Euphoria" portrays how it feels to be under a drug and it's similarity to being in love, you take more but still never enough. I think André did an amazing job at portraying the cycle of love so much so that I have the feeling that we'll soon be finding it used for spicy bedroom time. You should definitely give André Molina's tracks a listen, and I look forward to listening to his upcoming work because he truly is a talented artist that deserves your attention.

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