Eternal (Original EP) By Versoul

HIP HOP / RAP / R&B Eternal (Original EP) By Versoul
 Eternal (Original EP) By Versoul Eternal (Original EP) By Versoul

Here's an original eargasmic EP from the talented San Francisco-raised rapper, hip hop artist, producer, and sound engineer that's Eternal for body and soul. She comes from a multicultural family. She is Japanese, Hawaiian, Filipina, Italian, and Salvadorian, and she is proud of her heritage! In addition, she is queer, and music is her passion, as well as the way she transforms pain into power and struggles into strengths through it. She is

Her passion for producing beats began when she was 13, and her ability to rap started when she could speak.

In her music-making process, she uses intricate yet straightforward melodies and hard-hitting Hip-Hop beats as she grows up listening to hip-hop. As a musician, she strives to leave a lasting impression on the audience through my music. Creating music has saved her life; She wants to help others on their healing journey through my music because it has also helped her. The EP Features six full-length tracks. The first track is the intro which is called "Better," and the last one is called Time. When I saw that, I felt like the artist was telling me there are always better times ahead! While listening to this fantastic EP, you will enjoy her voice most and experience a clean and beautiful unique style of rap performance. Check her music out and mention that she got more than 4k Listeners each month!!

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