Energy Basin- JCPinthecut & Ireq Savage (Original EP) By IreQ Savage

Discover POP Energy Basin- JCPinthecut & Ireq Savage (Original EP) By IreQ Savage

If you ain't listening to Ireq Savage & JCPinthecut's latest album 'Energy Basin,' then drop everything you are doing and play it now because it is about to get lit. The two rising artists have been dropping masterpiece after masterpiece since 2012 and have shown no sign of slowing down since then.

The two met each other through an Instagram group chat and collaborated to create amazing hip-hop flows that you will be enjoying. Recording and writing from the comfort of their own houses, Ireq Savage in Orlando and JCPinthecut in Rockford then compiling it to create art. JCPinthecut is one talented fella that goes above and beyond producing the beats of 'Jewelry' in this new album while the others outsourced to popular producers within the network of these artists or were a collaboration of effort between both artists.

The newly released album 'Energy Basin' has four songs and we're facing problem trying to pick a favorite. Cigarettes is about leaving a bad relationship. Jewelry is about going so hard that you have fruits of your labor for not quitting. Bomb it up is about human connections and things that will cause us to severe, said connections, and no doubts is about sticking to your grind, and having absolute faith in the process and the product it will yield you. Regardless of what song you pick as your personal best, the talent taken to put these four songs together has been truly substantial.

The two have a powerful presence on social media platforms with over 5000 followers on Instagram and 2500 YouTube subscribers and showing no signs of stopping anytime soon with a library of over 35 songs and the serious talent to back it all up, Ireq Savage and JCPinthecut are rocking over 14,500 monthly Spotify listeners and over 250,000 record plays spread out over their songs. So give these two a shot and listen to their latest album because I guarantee you'll be returning for more.

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