Endless (Original Single) by StarAV and kirk

Endless (Original Single) by StarAV and kirk Endless (Original Single) by StarAV and kirk

Singer songwriter StarAV and instrumentalist Kirk have made a groundbreaking collab and released their new single “Endless” that personally I am in love with from its deep reality check lyrics to its beautiful tunes and melodies.

Its a lonely world is one of the lines that stuck with me in the single because its true and brings to light that the world isn’t just rainbows and butterflies as a lot of people portray but its much deeper than that. The duo StarAV and kirk have noted that “Endless covers the theme of the pursuit of happiness in a world of 7 billion unique experiences hence it being a “lonely world”. Coming to terms with the fleeting nature of happiness with patience and perseverance. It ends with the allusion to the idea of leaving opportunities up to chance if it’s too much to handle all at once.”

I am in love with this single not only does it hit you in the heart but it also has a beautiful melody. You must give Endless by StarAV and kirk a listen.

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