Empty Home By CRUX


Crux is a progressive rock band that blends genres to craft an emotive yet technically proficient sound. Combining elements of prog-rock with crunchy grunge tones, Crux creates songs that explore weighty topics through thick structures and melodic virtuosity.

Crux constructs hard sonic tapestries that both challenge and move listeners. Their songs delve into real-world issues like isolation, loss, and the passage of time. Lyrically and musically, Crux strives to forge an authentic connection with audiences.

An example of Crux's ability to tap into raw emotion can be found in their song "Empty Home." Released in 2023 and written during the COVID-19 pandemic, the track reflects on isolation and loss of connection. The singer paints a vivid picture of neglect through metaphor, singing of a slowly decaying house as pipes burst and mold grows. Minor chords and fancy harmonies bring this grim scene to life, pulling the listener into the desolate atmosphere. The band describes feeling weighed down by "guilt" like a "cold blanket," unable to move as time passes by.

Under the vocals, Crux crafts an achingly beautiful but unsettling piece of art. Glimmers of hope arise as the music swells but are inevitably drowned out by waves of melancholy. The band invites contemplation on mortality, memory, and how quickly things can change without our notice.

Beyond their recorded output, Crux has proven themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the Newcastle music scene. Through dynamic live performances, they have established themselves at top local venues like the Engine Room, The Globe, Little Buildings, and HMV Newcastle. Crux has also played major regional festivals like Scoop Festival, Afterlight Music Festival, and Canny Fringe Festival. Their talents have garnered praise from industry press as well. BBC Radio DJ Tom Robinson and BBC Newcastle host Nicky Roberts have championed their music.

With compelling songwriting, outstanding talent, and a knack for emotional resonance, it's clear that Crux is just getting started. By mixing progressive complexity with grounded lyricism, they've carved out a unique space of their own. Crux invites listeners on a touching journey with every release, proving that polished art can still touch the soul. It'll be exciting to hear where their melodic mastery and insightful perspectives lead in the future.

For more from the thoughtful songwriters of Crux, seek them out online. Connect with the band on social media to get the latest news on releases. You can also stream their emotionally layered songs like "Empty Home" via popular streaming platforms.

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