Empty Bottles By MAD PAINTER


If you're a fan of vintage 70s rock with a hard-hitting edge, allow me to introduce you to Mad Painter. This Boston-area quartet breathes new life into the swaggering glam-rock and proto-metal sounds of early eras, drawing inspiration from the likes of Uriah Heep, and the booze-soaked rock 'n' roll rebels dubbed The Faces.

At the core is singer/keyboardist Alex Gitlin. Joining him are a crack lineup of veteran rock foot soldiers; drummer Al Hendry, bassist Kenne Highland, guitarist Al Nahabedian, and backing vocalists Sharon Crumrine and Julie Gee. Together, they conjure the kind of theatrical magic that could've blown the roof off any old-school club.

Mad Painter is based out of Arlington, MA, where they have been practicing on the second floor of the Regent Theatre building. Mad Painter's latest salvo is the raucous new single "Empty Bottles," a glorious slab of glam-soaked stomp that bottles the essence of their riotous retro sound. Propelled by an insistent groove and dizzying guitar hooks, it takes the listener back to an era of thick riffs that you could swim through. If the energetic pattern doesn't get your toes tapping, you may want to check your pulse.

Alex Gitlin's sinewy sound has all the stage-filling bravado and explosive force of legends. He sells every high-flying melody with a campy intensity. The harmonies from Sharon Crumrine and Julie Gee add a lush, wrapped dulcet touch that adds to the majesty of the song. Their multi-tracked vocals glide with a beauty worthy of a prime queen. Production-wise, "Empty Bottles" seizes that deliciously polished aesthetic the best 70s rock always had. The tones are bubbling with grit, from the fuzzy riffs to the bass and drums.

As a diehard fan of vintage rock with truly hot pipes and riffs that hit you straight in the soul, I have immense respect for what Mad Painter is doing to keep that gloriously unhinged spirit alive and kicking. I have nothing but admiration for their commitment to bottling lightning in a way so few modern bands can manage.

After lavishing so much well-deserved praise on the pure rock 'n' roll ecstasy that is "Empty Bottles," I'd be wrong not to encourage you to dive headfirst into the rest of Mad Painter's insanely groovy catalog. Do yourself a favor and queue up "Empty Bottles" alongside Mad Painter's previous singles. I guarantee that once you listen to them, you'll be hooked and frantically chugging through everything this tremendously talented band has to offer.

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