Electric Heaven By ALEJ

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Hailing from the sunny shores of Miami, Florida, singer/songwriter ALEJ (born Alejandro) is quickly carving out himself as one of pop's most exciting new voices. With a staggering gift for creating massive, arena-ready anthems during his relatively young years, ALEJ channels the thrills of adulthood's heartbreak and growing pains into intoxicating electro-pop transmissions.

A career out of cutting his teeth recording cover versions of karaoke tracks as a preteen, ALEJ was encouraged by his sister to start writing and producing original material. Hunkering down with GarageBand, he penned his first original song at the ripe age of 13, and as they say, the rest is history. In the years since he's built an impressive ratio of emotional honesty and pop prowess well beyond his years.

ALEJ's latest single "Electric Heaven" finds the young auteur exorcising the demons of heartbreak through the timeless remedies of drunken debauchery and dancefloor therapy. Inspired by a booze-fueled night of Barbie-themed debauchery in the wake of a painful romantic split, the track recounts his search for a fleeting hedonistic escape from psychic torment. The arrangement's flow keeps you drawn in from the first kinetic verse into an instantly gratifying hook before diving headlong into a shuddering chorus brimming with nostalgic glitchy synths.

On the production front, ALEJ's collaborator Chris Adams deserves serious kudos for a pristine, full-bodied mix that allows each instrumental element to shine and keeps the song sounding very modern pop. Every component from the punchy kick drums to the buoyant synth hooks commands an ideal space in the densely layered yet properly balanced sonic field.

ALEJ created "Electric Heaven" with Chris Adams, fashioning the detailed layers that consist of organic and digital elements. Subtle synth arpeggios flutter beneath ALEJ's bubbling vocals with an airy texture, joined by spacy pads that swell to accentuate emotional climaxes. Grooving basslines and crispy drum programming lock into a tight rhythm that maintains momentum throughout. The considered yet uncluttered arrangement allows ALEJ's sensitive lyrics to take center stage.

In my opinion, "Electric Heaven" is a certifiable smash that sees ALEJ vaulting himself into the upper echelons of contemporary pop with remarkable poise and self-assurance.

ALEJ is an artist operating at the upper heights of his pop prowess and on track for a record-breaking ascent to stardom. Do your eardrums a favor and stream this track right this second. You'll undoubtedly be hearing it blasting from clubs, cars, and festival grounds for months to come.

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