Easter Soul By VARGEN


Recently I had the pleasure to check out "Easter Soul" by the Swedish artist Vargen. Right from the opening notes of the guitar, I was immediately pulled in. You can tell Vargen has a real passion for classic rock 'n' roll with the steady backbeat and bluesy guitar work. But underneath it all is this gorgeous, soulful melody.

The vocals are what blow me away. His voice has so much power and emotion behind it. You really feel every word as he sings. But it's not over the top - he maintains this tender feel that tugs at your heartstrings. It's an incredible balancing act to pour your heart out like that while still keeping such a tight rein on the performance. You can hear why he's drawn comparisons to Bob Dylan - there's something so raw yet refined about his style.

Vargen uses all these elements - the guitar, the drums, and his powerful voice - to create this beautiful, bittersweet vibe throughout the entire song. It has this lush, melancholic quality that just wraps you up and refuses to let go. There's an intensity behind every note that really pulls you in. It’s not often you find an artist who can articulate those talents in such a rich, cinematic way.

Diving into his catalog, you can hear he has a real gift for melody and uses various artistic influences to create emotionally resonant pieces. Whether he's channeling Americana, blues, or folk, you can hear he pours everything he has into his craft.

There's a real authenticity to Vargen - you believe he lives and breathes this music. He isn't afraid to show vulnerability through his art. That kind of sincerity is so rare in artists today, especially ones who work across genres as seamlessly as he does.

If you're looking to discover compelling new music, I can't recommend Vargen enough. "Easter Soul" is a graceful introduction to his talents, but his whole catalog is really worth diving into. He deserves wider recognition for the magic he creates through his songs. Definitely give him a listen, and keep an eye out - there’s more to check out from him. Vargen has a great gift, and I'm excited to hear where his musical journey leads next.

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