Dying of the Light (Original Album) By The Parlophonics

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The Parlophonics are an indie rock trio like no other. Despite being physically separated, they have mastered the art of recording expansive and timeless rock music together. Their latest album, "Dying Of The Light", is a dazzling display of the band's singular ability to craft power pop gems and british-infused rock anthems with a retro spirit, all while collaborating exclusively through the exchange of files over vast distances.

Though they've never shared a studio, The Parlophonics have created not just any album but a breathtaking sonic landscape that makes the listener feel as if they're witnessing a live, in-person performance. Distance has only heightened their musical connection and flare for melodic, emotionally rich rock and roll.

This album is a landmark achievement that displays the exceptional versatility and talent of the band. Across its tracks, they are able to craft a multifarious set of sounds and styles while still maintaining a cohesive vision.

Songs like "Fill My Sky", "The Dying of the Light" and "Underneath The Blue Sky" epitomize the atmospheric and dream pop aesthetics. With beautiful, godly harmonies, fantastical guitar work, and magical vocal performances, these tracks transport the listener to another realm. The grand synths and hazy guitars create a sense of drifting, as if floating amongst clouds.

In contrast, "Believe In Something", "Song For A Lost Friend" and "Reading Kerouac" possess a groovy and uplifting quality with catchy riffs and sweet vocal interaction. Though distinct, they demonstrate how the band is equally adept at crafting glorious songs that inspire. With a sunny disposition and feel-good vibes, these tracks are perfect for singing along on a sunny drive with the windows down.

Some of the most emotive and affecting moments come through in ballads like "Heaven Can Wait", "Only A Lie" and the bonus track "Paper Smile". Lyrics of loss, love, and complex feelings are paired with reigning instrumentation and heart-wrenching vocals. These songs showcase the band’s proficiency in crafting emotionally resonant music, capable of moving the listener to tears.

The album also features "These Days" and "Staring At The Sun", bonus tracks that exhibit a more vigorous and progressive style. With diverse influences and collaborations, these songs expand the sonic palette and highlight the versatility of the band as innovative musicians and vocalists.

This album is a majestic work of art that blends atmospheric pop, groovy rock, heartfelt balladry, and experimental sounds. Though diverse, each song feels integral to the whole, proving what a euphoric and moving musical experience the band is capable of creating. With gorgeous melodies, poetic lyrics, and instrumental brilliance throughout, this album cements the band’s place as unique artists generating boundary-pushing music. With "Dying Of The Light", The Parlophonics have crafted a stunning album and reignited the spirit of rock and roll.

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