Himmat Singh's new single "DRIP DRIP" takes listeners back to lazy, heat-soaked days drifting along the coast. With very sweet melodies as warm and vibrant as the drippy title, the track is a breezy homage to the carefree spirit of flirtation on a California beach.

Created and recorded in the culturally rich city of Los Angeles, the melodies were meant for leisurely summer days.

The vocals caress the ears like a calming breeze, floating casually over music that hums with the soothing rhythm of ocean waves. The almost unnoticeable guitar provides a sunny backdrop for exploration, while synth pads paint hazy pictures of sunsets over the Pacific. Percussion keeps time at an easygoing pace perfect for long drives with the windows down, cruising alongside the iconic coast.

Between the lush chords, brief flashes of intricate guitar work emerge, like glimpses of scenic views whizzing by on the highway. Himmat uses a very understated delivery, which brings each verse to life with a soulful feeling, despite maintaining a relaxed tempo throughout.

With South Asian influences woven into his sound, the vibrant colors of Bollywood cinema shone through what could have been a more muted production. Himmat poured his passion into every lyric, giving the work a swagger and charm reminiscent of classic Hindi film music. His melodic vocals glided by at times with a lilting Punjabi lilt, carrying the audience to a vibey atmosphere somewhere between California beaches and Mumbai streets.

Born from Singh's experiences in Los Angeles and influenced by genres including Punjabi folk, pop, R&B, and hip hop, "DRIP DRIP" finds universal resonance in its sunny, romantic themes. Though written years ago, the track remains timeless and relevant as proven by its recent recording. According to Singh, it took finding the right production match to bring the melody and lyrics to full fruition.

Showcasing his smooth vocals and skilled musicianship relaxing without losing musicality, "DRIP DRIP" strengthens Singh's reputation as a gifted storyteller. With effortless melodies and feel-good themes destined for replay on beaches and road trips, the single sets the stage for more music to come with its summer-drenched flavor. Fans of Singh and anyone seeking a good track to soundtrack warm evenings will find much to savor in this breezy West Coast charmer. I am happy to announce that for all music lovers, you can now stream "DRIP DRIP" by Himmat Singh on your favourite streaming service.

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