Matt Joyce Drink My Booze (Original Single)

Discover POPDrink My Booze (Original Single) By Matt Joyce

June 21, 2022 by saiidzeidan
Matt Joyce Drink My Booze (Original Single) Matt Joyce Drink My Booze (Original Single)

Drink My Booze by Matt Joyce is the song that should've come out when I broke up with my ex cause I would've been playing it constantly, but alas luck isn't on my side. Drink My Booze is a pop song with amazing vocals that capture you with their feel-good enticing vibe, its highly relatable lyrics that we can all enjoy, and a fantastic melody from record scratches and melodic acoustic guitar riffs, to thumping beats and funky bass lines. This single is an amazing piece of art that everyone would enjoy and is a great sunset car ride listen.

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