Down With the Miracles (Original Single) by Insane Blue

HYPE Down With the Miracles (Original Single) by Insane Blue

Insane Blue have blessed our ears recently on the 17th of October 2022 with their new original single Down With the Miracles, a powerful alternative rock masterpiece that will entrance you with its meaning and resilient hue.

The duo Philippe and Paul are finally back together again forming the mesmerizing Insane Blue and blessing us yet again with their single Down With the Miracles.

The duo's single is truly magnificent and shakes you to the core with its hard hitting beat, each instrument giving a special sound that caresses your mind with its majestic tone! Not to mention the meaningful and important lyrics by Insane Blue that shed light on a topic that needs to be expressed more. Down With the Miracles is a song about war and the effects of it, something unbelievably happening in our world today whether in Ukraine or the middle east, this single talks about war, the loss of hope (even for the most believers) and the struggle to survive, showing us the impacts of war on everyone.

Insane Blue have shed light on a rarely talked about topic, even though the topic is hard but the single is revolutionary, remarkable in every way from the beats and melodies to the emotionally driven vocals that come from the heart. This is one single like no other showing the vulnerabilities of life with feeling and vocals that come from the heart!!

You must give Down With the Miracles (Original Single) by Insane Blue a listen, you wont regret it! And don't forget to like and follow all of Insane Blue's social media pages to always remain up to date with all their latest news and releases.

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