Don’t Wake Me From This Dream (Original Single) By Jonny Ong

HYPE Don’t Wake Me From This Dream (Original Single) By Jonny Ong

I’ve been keeping track of this iconic legend for a while now and I can tell you, he’s worth keeping an eye out for. Talented, skilled, experienced, and creative in unimaginable ways, Jonny Ong an iconic artist that’s worthy of recognition and admiration. It was through his latest release that I felt a need to tell the world about Jonny, as he’s created music I’ve been searching for as long as I could remember. "Don’t Wake Me From This Dream" is a masterpiece that’s beautifully merged the immortal era of 60s rock with the ambiance of 2022 music to create a new melody that’ll captivate your minds and hearts!

Jonny’s already a big name in the industry especially following the massive success he’s had with his previous album ‘Isolation’ as he’s brilliantly performed alt-folk music throughout the tracks. Unlimited by a single genre, Jonny dedicated his life to perfect the portrayal of emotions and ambiance of different genres by investing in himself to understand the details that make each song unique. Pushing his skills further, he’s finally expanded his music into classic rock as he marvelously creates a memorable masterpiece of modernized 60s rock with "Don’t Wake Me From This Dream".

This latest masterpiece release by Jonny was inspired by an unexplainable dream of Jonny that was translated through his creative mind into "Don’t Wake Me From This Dream". The song tells the story of him walking through an endless desert before finding an incredible architectural structure that stole his breath away. Reflecting upon that construct, Jonny has layers of instrumentals throughout this song in astounding harmony that’ll captivate your mind as it's simply mind-blowing. This creativity backed by his lyrical genius contributions will surely push this song to become his greatest release to date so be sure to check it out!

With his music inspired by immortal legends like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, Jonny is trying his best to ensure his music does his idols proud. So, discover his art and enjoy his music, share it around; and support him by joining his social media and streaming platforms.

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